Internship or volunteering in South Africa

Hey there, fancy meeting you here! You have the look of someone who’s about ready to set off on a grand adventure. In fact, I can just smell the wanderlust wafting out of your general direction. Let me guess – your passport is tragically lacking in entry stamps and you’ve been itching to set off to explore the world for a while now. But you don’t just want to go traipsing around the globe willy-nilly. You want to contribute to the good of mankind while you’re at it and use your unique skills to shake up the status quo. You’re looking for the opportunity to make a true, tangible difference and leave your mark upon the world. Am I right? Good job! You sound just about ready to jump head first into the wild, and with GAP Africa you are at the right place.


At GapAfrica we believe that the only hard part of an Internship or Volunteering should be deciding which exciting project you would like to support. This is why we’ve gotten together a group of passionate individuals whose sole purpose it is to give school graduates, students and professionals alike the opportunity to do some good without getting all tangled up in red tape. To offer their internship or volunteering according to their wishes.


The way we see it, there are people and charities that need help and there are people who want to help them. We provide the means to bring these two together. And we offer you all kind of exciting activities around this to further enhance YOUR experience. YOU pick and choose what YOU want.